All puppies must be picked up in person and MUST be paid for IN FULL by age 7 weeks. Puppies are typically picked up between 7 to 8 ½ weeks of age. We do require payment in full at 7 weeks EVEN though the puppy may not be leaving for a couple more weeks. Puppies not paid for by 7 weeks can be placed back for sale at our discretion with no refund of the deposit. Pick up age is based on individual pup for various reasons such as, vet check up, eating habits, family situations etc. Failure to pick up your puppy on the scheduled date (no show) forfeits the puppy and all payments made.


Puppies may be kept max of 9 weeks, ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL which will require a 2nd vet visit for 2nd shots, AND will incur a charge of $150.00 extra to cover another vet visit.          ~~~Absolutely No puppies will be kept past 9 weeks of age~~~

*A refund will be given ONLY if something happens to the puppy chosen before it leaves my home.

ALL OF OUR ADULTS ARE AKC REGISTERED. We will ONLY provide your pups AKC papers upon proof of spay/neuter from your vet and must be done prior to the puppy turning 9 months old.

Dam and Sire of puppy being purchased: ___________________________________Birthdate: ____________

Ready to go home date __________________ (UNLESS we or vet sees ANY reason to hold longer)

Sex of puppy: ________________         Color or markings: _________________

IT IS AGREED THAT THERE WILL BE NO BREEDING, ACCIDENTAL OR ON PURPOSE, OF THIS MINIATURE SCHNAUZER TO ANY BREED OF DOG. BUYER IS IN AGREEMENT TO SPAY-NEUTER WITHIN 9 MONTHS OF AGE. $2000 Breach of Contract FEE if this schnauzer is bred. Buyer pays all legal fees the Seller accrues in order to collect fee.                                                                                     **Contact me if you wish to inquire about Full AKC / Breeding Rights. We do consider breeding rights at breeder’s discretion and at additional  cost. I will need to send a different contract if breeding rights are approved

   Total Price of puppy: $ __________ Deposit: $ 400  Balance due on puppy: $_________ (due BY age 7 weeks)

A deposit in the amount of $400 is required to hold a puppy. I will email a deposit agreement which must be completed by buyer and emailed back to me ASAP.  DEPOSIT, If Paypal or Cashapp, must be received within 4 hours of committing to send one in order to be placed on hold - PLEASE use friends & family with PayPal to avoid the fee!!!***Any other PayPal way, you must add 4%, making it $415, so that PayPal gets their fee so that I still receive $400.  ****Deposits can also be taken by Personal Check (must be received within 3 business days). The puppy must be paid IN FULL by the time it is 7 weeks old.                                                                          ~~~~~CASH ONLY AT PICK UP-NO EXCEPTIONS~~~~

If for any reason we or our vet feels the puppy needs to be with mom any longer than 7 weeks, or the new owner is unable to spend what we fill is an adequate amount of time with them at this age, or the puppy is too small to travel, we have the right to keep the puppy until we or our vet feel that the puppy can be placed in his/her new home.

There are no refunds on deposits. This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase of the puppy. The ONLY exception to this is if by some tragedy the puppy should get sick or die before it goes home. If this is the case, we will return the deposit to you unless you want to apply it to another puppy (if one is available).

By signing this agreement, purchaser declares to have read the above information, understand it, and agree to EVERY condition outlined in it.  *Carolina Schnauzers (Scott or Tammy) has the right to cancel this sale at their discretion prior to puppy pick up*.

Purchaser Information

Name (Print):_____________________________________________ Date: ______________Email__________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _______ Zip: _____________Phone______________________________________