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We are a hobby breeder of Miniature  Schnauzers. Each of our schnauzers are family pets first.  We are not, nor will we ever be, a commercial breeder and do not have kennels etc. We have a minimal number of litters a year so we do not always have babies available. We also do not breed as our only source of income.

Schnauzers come in 3 individual breeds. We ONLY raise MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. *See info at the bottom of the page to understand the "make up" of each breed. 

Carolina Schnauzers - Small Hobby Breeder of Quality AKC Miniature Schnauzers

A little bit about us:

Beach PictureOur family has had the most wonderful time owning and raising our four legged family members! We have owned miniature schnauzers as pets since 2000. Many years after owning our own and learning so much about them, we selectively started breeding a few litters a year. Our schnauzers are healthy, happy, well behaved, crate trained and obedient. They are very much a part of our every day lives.

It is very important to us that our babies are socialized, loving, healthy and well-adjusted. We have someone home pretty much 24/7 so they are very used to human contact. We raise our babies in the office area of our home which is between our kitchen and family room so they can constantly be monitored.

Our #1 goal is to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted babies so that others can have a chance to see just how wonderful, smart and loyal this breed is. There are 3 totally different breeds of schnauzers. The Miniature (Which is what we raise), the Standard and the Giant. Please research each size to understand the difference in the breeds. We only raise the breed of Miniature Schnauzers.  There is no such breed of a schnauzer registered as TOY or T-CUP with AKC. These sizes are just a smaller version of the Miniature that have came about through breeding smaller miniature to smaller miniature until some have become really small. What breeders refer to as TOY and T-CUP are still Miniature Schnauzers.

The schnauzers you see on our website are our family pets and are allowed to run loose in our huge fenced back yard most of the day, and are crated at night or during times we can't keep an eye on them.

Miniature Schnauzers are "people dogs" and love to be interacted with. It is our focus to put them in indoor family homes so that they can live the type of life they deserve.

We are firm believers in allowing our vet to remove dew claws and docking tails around 3 to 4 days old, and we take them back in at 6 weeks for a check over and first set of puppy shots. Who better to listen to their hearts and check them for soundness than someone who has devoted their life to doing so. The babies are also de-wormed twice before going home as well. Our vet is very much a part of keeping our adult schnauzers healthy by seeing them at least once a year when their boosters are due or if anything arises that warrants a vet visit. Cherryville Animal Hospital is very familiar with our schnauzers. You have to have healthy moms and dads to have healthy babies! The office staff will gladly give you a reference on our schnauzers @ 704-435-5475. Anyone there can tell you how particular we are of our family pets. Rest assured, we would never knowingly sell a puppy that is not healthy.

We hope you enjoy our website and PLEASE, whether you acquire a puppy from us or someone else, make sure it's the right breed for you, the right timing, and that you will have the means and the love to take care of a new baby properly for many years to come. Please also be sure that whoever you acquire a new baby from allows you to visit their home and can provide references on their puppies and adults. You will also want to receive some sort of health guarantee as well for peace of mind and to hold the breeder accountable for the health of your new addition. 




MINIATURE--------The Miniature schnauzer was developed from crossing standard schnauzers with affenpinschers, miniature pinschers, poodles and possibly fox terriers and Scottish terriers. Some accounts even include the Pomeranian. They were developed in Germany in the late 1800s. The breed was developed as a small farm dog and ratter.

STANDARD--------It is thought that Standard Schnauzers were bred from early European herding and guarding breeds initially. Later it is suspected they were mixed with grey Wolfspitz and black Poodles to create the distinctive salt and pepper coloring that we adore today.

GIANT----------The most widely accepted components of the Giant Schnauzers are the Standard Schnauzer, the German Mastiff, Great Dane, and some smooth-coated drover dog, such as the Rottweiler.  It has been suggested that Bouviers make up part of the Giant's heritage, but there is no one consensus on this.


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*AKC decided what the 3 acceptable colors are that are Allowed in the Show Ring. All these other colors are "Still Recognized" by AKC and are AKC Registerable!  Just not allowed in show. Please realize these rare colors are still true schnauzers.

Want to know how these rare colors began?

The Miniature Schnauzer was derived from the Standard Schnauzer and is said to have come from breeding Affenpinschers, Miniature Pinchers, and Poodles with small Standard Schnauzers.

In the beginning they were called dwarf pinchers and came in smooth and rough haired types.

This is where smaller sized DNA, Parti markings and many colors such as livers and Red/Wheatens were introduced into the schnauzers because poodles,Pinchers and the other breeds carried for all of these even back in the 1800's.