There are 3 breeds of schnauzers: Miniature, Standard, and Giant.
Miniature Schnauzers are normally about a foot tall at the shoulder. They can weight between 13 and 15 pounds. They tend to have high levels of energy and are thought of as an intelligent breed. They are very affectionate, loyal and enjoy the company of their owners, although they can live outside too. They make great pets and can offer companionship to any type of person or family. They are rarely aggressive when confronted by strangers, although they can be a little too quick to sound the alarm when they perceive something as a threat.
Standard Schnauzers are normally about one and a half feet tall at the shoulder. They can weight between 26 to 37 pounds. They are classed as a working breed of dog and have been used as ratters. They also make good guard dogs. Standard Schnauzers are the original breed of Schnauzers and the others have been bred from these. They are normally very energetic and make great house dogs. They are very easy to train and can learn very fast. They do need a lot of exercise to keep them both physical and mental well being.
Giant Schnauzers are about 2 feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh between 66 and 78 pounds. They are classed as working dogs. In the past they have helped heard cattle and were also used as guard bogs at breweries. They are a powerful, yet compact breed of dog and need large amounts of exercise. They need a firm, consistent, but friendly handler. They can be a little over protective of their home and owner. They are very affectionate towards their owners and will tend to follow them round the house. However, they tend to take the view that if a person doesn't live here, then they don't belong here. They make great guard dogs and will naturally protect their home.

Miniature Schnauzers come in many colors. Although black, salt & pepper, and black & silver are the only three colors that AKC allows in the show ring in the US, the original colors that you can see below are still allowed to be registered with AKC.


Salt & Pepper

Black & Silver

Liver Tan

Liver Parti

Liver Pepper Parti

Liver Pepper


Black Parti

Salt & Pepper Parti


White Chocolate
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